USB2 High-Speed Isolator

The USB2 High-Speed Isolator is now ready for order. These are the pictures of the latest version which can be used internally inside AA Music Server or used externally with any other music servers / streamers or laptops.

105 mm long
70 mm wide

The size is relatively small, even though it looks big in the pictures.

PCB slides into a Hammond extruded aluminum case
PCB taken out from the enclosure
From music server / laptop
Bottom view

The following pictures illustrate typical use case of the USB2 Isolator. The input side, USB B, receives USB cable from music server or laptop. It draws power from the VBUS. The output side, USB A, goes into USB DAC. That means 2 USB Audio cables are required. A dedicated 5V DC power supply is also required. The recommendation is to use a low-noise 5V @ 1.5A linear PSU. Without the 5V DC power supply, the isolator will not work.

Typical use case

Introductory price is RM1,200 without 5V DC LPSU. We plan to offer our own 5V 1.5A low-noise LPSU very soon.