USB2 Audio Cable

We currently offer 2 grades of USB2 Audio Cables and may offer the another one in the future:

  • AA USB
  • AA Reference USB
  • AA Signature USB (work in progress)

The entry-level AA USB is an affordable high-performance USB2 Audio Cable giving analog-like ‘tube’ sound. It uses copper and silver alloy, not silver-plated copper, giving a good balance considering advantages and disadvantages of both pure copper and pure silver cables. It has a nice tonal balance with sufficient details and controls.

The AA Reference USB is meant for highly resolving systems giving more precise imaging and placement of instruments with tighter bass control. This is the improvised version of the original pure-silver AA USB Audio Cable.

The suitability of copper versus silver-based USB Audio Cables is system dependent. In general, the copper and silver alloy version works for most systems.

All our USB cables have the VBUS and GND inside the same shield as the USB2 data lines. This makes the cable more manageable compared to having another stiff external wire for VBUS and GND. The picture below shows the conceptual diagram of how our AA USB cables are constructed. The parts used include premium parts originated from various countries, with the most expensive being the solid core cables for USB2 data lines.

Our USB Audio cable construction

Here are the details of the materials used for each grade of our USB cable.

Materials Used \ GradesAA USBAA Reference USBAA Signature USB
UP-OCC copper for VBUS & GNDYesYes
OCC copper + 20% OCC silver alloy
for Data D+/D-
4N pure silver for Data D+/D-Yes
Sleeving for Data D+/D-PEPTFE
Sleeving for VBUS & GNDTeflonTeflon
Dampener sleeving for Data D+/D-CottonPure silk
Gold-plated USB plugs
HEGEMIP braided sleeve for EMI protectionYesYes
Data pair 90 ohm impedance tolerance
(Note: Tolerance per USB2 specs is +/- 15%)
+/- 8%+/- 4%
AA USB Audio Cable Grades and Materials Used

Please note that the AA Reference USB is an upgraded version of the pure-silver AA USB cables we sold before. Due to materials changes (more expensive stuffs are being used now), the twisting geometry has changed as well, resulting in tighter impedance tolerance. The cable is completely different sounding now.

MaterialsPrevious pure-silver AA USBAA Reference USB
UP-OCC copper for VBUS & GNDYesYes
4N pure silver for Data D+/D-YesYes
Tube sleeving for Data D+/D-Generic PTFE, locally sourcedAlpha Wire PTFE thin-wall
Made in USA
Dampener sleeving for Data D+/D-CottonPure silk
Gold-plated USB plugs
Upgraded materials from the previous pure-silver AA USB to AA Reference USB

The picture below shows a completed cable. Please note that the braided shield goes all the way to the USB A & B connector casing to ensure the data and power lines are protected from EMI. The braided shield only connects to the source (USB A) and is not connected to the DAC side (USB B).

USB A and B connectors
USB A connector close up
USB B connector close up

Our USB Audio cables are custom-made per the length specified by customer, from 0.8m to 2.0m. Price of AA USB Audio Cable is given below. For sales within Malaysia, free shipping is included. For international sales, shipping cost will be quoted separately.

Length \ PriceAA USB*AA Reference USBAA Signature USB
0.8 mRM1,620RM2,600TBD
1.0 mRM1,800RM3,000TBD
1.2 mRM1,980RM3,400TBD
1.5 mRM2,250RM4,000TBD
2.0 mRM2,700RM5,000TBD
AA USB2 Audio Cable Price

* Introductory price for AA USB Audio Cable (copper-silver alloy) until 31 Dec 2022