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KLIAVS 2023 Brochure and Price List

AA Audio is participating in KLIAVS 2023.

  • In room 2723 (shared with AFC Top HiFi), AAMS+ is being used as the digital source into Denafrips Terminator Plus DAC using AA Ref USB Cable. Amplification by Bladelius AFX integrated amplifier driving Piega Coax 811 loudspeakers.
  • In room 2602, AAMS LE is being used as the digital source (using EVGA Audio Note UK sound card) into Kenwood pre & power amplifiers driving Scan-Speak loudspeakers.
  • In room 2725 (Stars Pickers), AA Audio USB cables are being used in their demo system using Chord Dave DAC and tube amplifiers.

The PDF brochure and price list can be downloaded from here.