Our single-rail linear power supply (LPS 1) designed to power our AA USB2 High-Speed Isolator is ready. Its output is 5V 1.5A which means it can be used to power head-fi USB DAC and computer USB cards – anything which require 5V 1.5A maximum. It can also be used to power other USB Isolators like Intona.

We put a lot of effort making the LPS 1 has good WAF. Enclosure selection and customization took 3 months. We initially explored China enclosure manufacturer but eventually selected an enclosure from Takachi Japan with anodized silver finish. It does not look like typical power supplies with blocky and large enclosures. The size is 82mm H x 82mm W x 206mm D and will fit into an existing audio rack easily. The net weight is 1.32 kg.

Pictures below are from the first article (the Mk1 version). We plan to offer another premium version using higher quality PCB and with Mundorf MLytic AG Electrolytic Capacitors, the reference-grade smoothing capacitor used in Sean Jacobs’ LPSUs.

Front view (right side)
Front view – left side
Back side connectors

The LPSU board shown below uses Talema encapsulated toroidal transformer (in blue) with Kemet aluminum electrolytic smoothing capacitor (in black). Kemet tantalum capacitors are used as the voltage regulators’ output capacitors. WIMA and Vishay bypass capacitors are also used.

LPSU board inside
First-stage voltage regulation using TI’s LM1086

The LPS 1 has two-stage voltage regulation, using combination of LM1086 and LT1963A voltage regulators.

Second-stage voltage regulation using Linear Technology LT1963A

The first batch (10 units) of Mk1 design will be available for order after the Eid Fitr holidays. Introductory price is RM1,600 (excluding shipping) for the first 10 units through direct bank-in payment. For PayPal payment, please contact us for quotation and shipping charges.

The next batch (Mk2) will have premium PCB and Mundorf MLytic smoothing capacitor and will be sold at different price.

In use

Pictures below showing relative size of LPS 1 compared to AAMS. Please note the down-firing blue LED power indicator to avoid any glare. The AC IEC inlet also has another LED power indicator.

Front view relative to AAMS
Side view relative to AAMS
Rear view relative to AAMS