AAMSb (Barebone AA Audio Music Server ) is designed for IT-literate customers looking for budget-friendly music server solution. You have the options to purchase and install/reuse own SSD(s) and playback software.

It’s an all-in-one-box solution compared to multiple chassis / enclosures and messy external cabling in DIY approach. Utilizing similar Streacom FC10 case like the one used in AAMS+, AAMSb can be upgraded to AAMS+.

Barebone AAMS with USB2 Isolator

Custom Toroidy Transformer

The transformer shown below in the picture was custom-designed for entry-level AAMS quite some time ago but the search for cheaper enclosures which can fit all component into one case failed. Despite being expensive, Streacom FC10 case allow all components to be placed inside and it looks good too.

Custom Toroidy transformer

Same high-grade PCBs for the power supplies

The PCB used in AAMS+ is also used in AAMSb. However, the components are different, notably the use of KEMET ALC smoothing capacitors instead of Mundorf MLytic. Voltage regulators’ output capacitor is Kyocera AVX TAP tantalum capacitors instead of the expensive KEMET T356 tantalum capacitors.

2-rail LPSU besides Toroidy transformer
KEMET smoothing capacitors used by 2-rail LPSU

USB2 Isolator LPSU

The PCB for USB2 Isolator LPSU is also the same like in AAMS+. All other components are the same, including Talema encapsulated. The differences are smoothing capacitor and voltage regulator output capacitors as stated in the earlier paragraph.

LPSU for USB using KEMET smoothing capacitor and Talema encapsulated transformer
Top view of barebone AAMS
SSD tray assembled

AAMSb Configuration Options

  • Config 1 – without USB2 Isolator and without 5V USB LPSU
  • Config 2 – with USB2 Isolator and its 5V LPSU

We do not include SSD to reduce the final system price. SSDs can be purchased and installed by users who have the ability to do so. Existing SSDs you have (i.e. already with music library) can also be reused. However, SSD power must be rated at 5V 1.5A max or below. Please take note that some Western Digital SSDs are rated higher than 1.5A and they don’t sound good. We recommend Samsung EVO 870 2.5″ SATA SSDs. SSD warranty cannot be claim from AA Audio but directly from where you purchased it.

User must also select and install music playback and management software. There are free and paid Linux-based software. We do not offer any software support to the users who purchased AAMSb.

Features and Price Comparison



AAMSb is only available directly from AA Audio.

Please contact us for demonstration. We will participate in KLIAV 2023.