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New AA Music Server Models

A year after AA Music Server (AAMS) was launched during Gelombang 2022 (5-7 Aug), in Aug 2023 we add new music server models, including the barebone version for cost-conscious customers.

The rising cost of components and services post Covid-19 and the fall of Ringgit Malaysia are double whammy for small manufacturers like us. Cost of tantalum capacitors have increased more than 3 times compared to pre Covid-19 price and at its peak right now due to material shortages. International shipping costs (when importing parts) have doubled post Covid-19 and also due to the Ukraine war.

Instead of simply increasing the price, we explored creative ways of improving our music server performance. We also learned from other industry experts. The results are simplified power supply with reference-grade components for the new flagship model (AAMS+) and another for barebone entry-level model (AAMSb). We also allow IT-literate users to buy and install their own SSDs and software. Just buy the hardware from us – barebone music server with all components inside 1 box.

Features and Price Comparison


Please read more about our new music servers AAMS+ and AAMSb. Demonstration can be arranged or you can also visit us. We will participate in KLIAV 2023.

The full linear ATX power supply version of AAMS which was launched last year is still available for purchase until we run out of the Nichicon UKW smoothing capacitors. Nichicon has decided to exit audio business and no longer makes capacitors for audio market.

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